3 Pooches Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services for your pets in Clemmons, Winston Salem

Does your pup stay in the crate all day while you’re at work and then want to play, play, play when you get home?

Do you need help potty-training your puppy?

Does your dog pull you around the block when you try to walk them?

Do you know all the supreme benefits your dog can get from a regular walk?

Simple answer to all of these questions - try our services today and find out!

We can tailor a walking program just for the needs of your dog. The majority of dogs need the mental and physical stimulation a walk provides and you would be amazed at the change in your pup just from daily walks. We are also able to help leash train any pup, old or young, using positive reinforcement, as well as work on any training issues.

Dog walks range from 20-45 minutes in length. For walks longer than 45 minutes, please inquire for cost and availability. Walks are available any day of the week from 8am - 9pm. Weekend walks are also available, but only in 30 minute increments. We will time our walks as close as possible to requested times.

Benefits of our dog walks include:

*Potty training young puppies
*Leash etiquette training
*Weight loss for overweight dogs
*Stronger muscles and bones
*Better mental and physical health
*Fresh air and exercise

We currently do not service the 27105 or 27107 zip code. We do not service parts of 27127 and 27106. Please inquire if you are unsure if we service your area. More than 8 miles one-way from your primary walker’s location may include a minimal gas surcharge.

Weekday Rates
*Rates include 1-2 dogs. Please inquire for 3 or more dogs, as they may be an additional charge. 45-minute walks are not available between 10-2pm*

20 Minute Walk $13
30 Minute Walk $16
45 Minute Walk $23

Evening and Weekend Rates (Walks after 6pm, Saturday, Sunday)
*Rates include 1-2 dogs. Please inquire for 3 or more dogs, as they may be an additional charge*

30 Minute Walk $16

Holiday Walk Rates
*Holidays include Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day*

20 Minute Walk $17
30 Minute Walk $20

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