3 Pooches Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services for your pets in Clemmons, Winston Salem

What times do you visit?
Pet Sitting hours are from 7am - 10pm every day of the week. Dog walks run from 9am - 8pm any day of the week. You can choose within a 2 hour time slot (for adult dogs and cats) and a 1 hour time slot (for puppies up to a year old) when you would like us to visit, which we will do our best to accommodate in order to keep your pet's routine as normal as possible. Most people choose visits every 4-8 hours for pet sitting visits.

Who will be my pet sitter or dog walker?
Owners Ann and Whitney are pet sitters and dog walkers and help out with many of our clients. Katie, Paige, Jess, Carol, and Jackie are our other sitters/walkers who help out with all of our services to help accommodate our large clientele. We are insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC and each sitter has been background-checked and thoroughly trained.

Do you really walk my dog for the specified length of time?
Of course! We are in this business for the sole purpose of providing care for your pets. We strongly believe walking is so beneficial for your dog that we view our walks as "fitness walks.” We will exercise your dog (and get some exercise for ourselves, as well). That's not to say that we don't also enjoy taking long strolls with elderly dogs who are not quite up to a fitness walk. We tailor our walking program to your dog's specific needs.

My dog can’t walk on a leash. Can you train them?
Yes, we can help train them to walk properly using a variety of walking tools (harnesses, dog backpacks, treats, etc) that all provide positive reinforcement training. We’ve found the majority of dogs that are learning to walk properly on a leash do best when on a consistent walking schedule of at least 3 days a week.

My dog has never spent a night alone - will he be okay by himself?
Yes! Most all pets do fine left alone overnight. We have found that most pets get into the groove of our scheduled visits and will often relax and be ready to go to sleep when we leave from our last visit of the night. They know we'll be back in the morning and that their needs will be met. Exceptions include elderly pets who must relieve themselves in the middle of the night and young puppies who must go out every few hours.

Do I have to get a key to you each time we need your services?
No. We can keep a key on file or if you prefer, we can schedule a key exchange once you return for a small fee. For regular dog walks, it is best to keep a key on file. We require 2 keys. We also have key boxes clients can rent for a one-time charge of $10. This key box stays on the client’s property with a locked combination and is only used by 3 Pooches.

Do you administer medications or injections?
Yes, at no additional charge. We are able to give all types of medicine to all pets. This includes pills, drops, ointments, lotions, and injections. We are trained in Pet First Aid.

What are your qualifications?
Ann and Whitney have over eight years of experience in dog daycare and pet sitting. We have experience with fearful dogs; arthritic, elderly dogs; stranger-aggressive dogs; and crazy, rambunctious puppies. We've cared for cats, dogs, snakes, birds, and fish. We want your pets to be as comfortable as possible, so we will do everything we can to make sure they have a great time while you are away. Many people have reported their pets were so much more relaxed and not stressed when they return. Our dog daycare was a family-run daycare where all dogs were part of the family, and our pet sitting services are the same - we treat all pets like our own. We are happy to provide any references and please check out our Photo Gallery page to see some of the fantastic pets we get to spend time with.